Sometimes it’s nice to pass the time with a good book, and if reading classics is something you consider a hobby, then Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee is just the book for you. The novel was released in mid-July and follows Scout Finch as she comes back to Maycomb from New York 20 years after the events of Lee’s Pulitzer prize-winning bestseller, To Kill a Mockingbird. With its predecessor selling around 40 million copies and winning numerous awards, the sequel is a must-read.

If books aren’t your thing, why not take a trip to the movies? Entourage is out in theatres now, and for anyone who enjoyed the series, the movie is a must-see. Vince, Eric, Turtle and Johnny are back for another run as they set out to take on a new project – Vince’s directorial debut. The film has received mixed reviews with some completely for and others completely against it, although it has done well in theatres, grossing over $44 million.

It’s plain to see that even if you can’t make it to the Dustbowl this year, your days needn’t be lonely and filled with boredom, as there are many things you can do to fill those empty hours.


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