In terms of res culure, what should first year students expect, will it be transforming?

There is pressure from different sides for transformation. It also has come a long way since my first year. Residences have had a lot of changes, I was in res from 2011 to 2014. What I’ve experienced, even the change and inclusivty that came in those four years, I am relatively sure that it’s still continuing. It’s slowly and dynamically changing, but a res is also a dynamic place, each year it’s got it’s own vibe and it’s own ideas that they do.


When should students engage with their faculty houses, and when should they engage with the TSC?

The faculty houses are the first step before the TSC, there’s also a faculty house representative on the TSC. If your facult house doesnt represent you, or doesn’t represent you enough or in the correct way, you can come to the TSC member for faculty houses.


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