Prof. Habib explained at a recent town hall meeting that the new residence admissions policy aims to make campus accommodation “more accessible and appealing to all students, especially those who have good academic [records]”. He said that this would create diversity within residences.

Wits Vuvuzela reported that current SRC President Shafee Verachiais will boycott the SRC elections if these concerns are not addressed.

University of Cape Town (UCT)

UCT’s Department of Philosophy hosted a conference on social equality from 15 to 17 August.

According to Varsity Prof. Sakhela Buhlungu, dean of humanities, introduced the evening by expressing his concerns over inequality in Cape Town as well as UCT’s admission policy.

Thirty-seven academic speakers debated this issue in three lecture halls over the weekend. One of the speakers, UCT master’s candidate Motlatsi Khosi, advocated that the concept of ubuntu should play an important role in the South African social context.

Prof. Charles W Mills, professor of moral and intellectual philosophy at Northwestern University in Illinois, emphasised racial equality.

Rhodes University (RU)

The 2015 Rhodes SRC was inaugurated on 22 August at a ceremony attended by 245 guests.

The crowd displayed strong support for the newly-elected president Siyanda Makhubo.

According to The Oppidan Press, crowd favourite Grace Moyo came in at a close second and was elected vice-president.

International councillor for 2015, Tessa Ware, received 2 047 votes, breaking the record for most votes, which was held by 2012 international councillor Ndana Tendayi. There was a 45.8% voter turnout which makes these the best participated elections in SRC elections at RU.

Former SRC President Bradley Bense expressed his gratitude to his 2014 team and said that the successes of the SRCs from 2012 onwards was due to the administration of Matthieu Maralack.

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