South African band, Internet Girl, is a unique, three-piece alternative band that released their 2021 EP, The World I love, on 11 June. The EP consists of just six songs, but in those 15 minutes the band successfully makes you want to get up and dance the night (or day) away. All the songs carry with them a sense of nostalgia for one’s teenage years, where spring slowly dissolves into long summer holidays. The perfect harmony of the drums and the guitar fused with bubbly pop vocals sets the tone for the EP. This band is filled with young, upcoming artists with an energy that will hopefully reach international ears.

As the album progresses, the hip-hop sound filters into a more pop centric sound in a major twist. This is attributed to fewer words, repetitive choruses, acoustic sound, and the pitch of the singer’s voice. In an era where hip-hop is just a hooking chorus with a good beat, this is a rather pleasant surprise and a well-crafted piece with good lyrics and instrumental beats. The artists did a grand job of creating a catchy chorus and hook that captures listeners.

The opening song, “Dumb Party”, and the last song, “Living Far Away”, embody the same feelings and explore the struggles of love amongst the many distractions life has to offer. When one is young, spending time with friends, partying, and travelling never stops. The songs between the first and final fuses together to create an album that feels like it belongs on the afternoon radio of 2000’s punk rock. If you are planning a summer vacation or a get-together with friends, this EP is worth adding to your playlist. It is an EP you want to blast while taking a sunset drive on a cool summer evening.

The band recently released two new singles, “bitter” and “popstar” in September and October respectively. The songs stay true to the general feeling conveyed on The World I love and shows that this band has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Internet Girl is worth keeping an eye on and they are sure to grow in the near future.

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Jan Ndlovu
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