South African hard rock band, Fear of Falling, is set to release their latest album, Turning Point, on 3 December. This follows the recent release of their single, “Sunrise”. The album follows the band’s debut EP, Breaking Point, which was released on 21 May this year. There is excitement surrounding this new release, as the previous release was featured on radio stations such as Kerrang Radio and spent several weeks on global charts, such as the Independent UK Music Charts, Banks Radio Australia, Total Rock Radio and the MIX FM SA Top 40. They received positive attention and acclaim from the public, music platforms, and the music industry.

The album starts off with the song “Drive” which introduces itself through a strong musical intro and essentially sets the tone of the album in its entirety. The tone of the song follows a somber path, and it mimics the themes of heartbreak and doubt, themes that connect all of the songs on the album. From the first song, “Drive”, to the fifth song, “Sunrise”, the singer relives all the love and betrayal he has experienced in his lifetime. It seems that not only is his lover a stranger, but when he looks in the mirror, he sees a stranger staring back at him. The single, “Fear of Falling”, has a complex meaning reflecting how we live lives of fear, but that love is the cure. “Breaking Point” and “Turning Point” are similarly named tracks, and their titles invoke thoughts about that exact moment where everything begins to fall apart and a turning point has been presented. Despite the despair, a feeling of power shines through in “Sunrise”, and this power is carried through all the way to the final song in the album, “Home”. The power from this album comes from the band’s strong musical talent, and the drums tied in with the scarce, yet effective bass. The electric guitar dominates this album and adds the element of controlled chaos, especially in “Falling”.

Turning Point is a commanding collective of ten alternative tracks, and in that number the  previously released singles “Sunrise” and “Won’t Let Go” are included. The band showcases the talents of guitarist Lloyd Timke, vocalist Jack Atlantic, bassist Brendon McCaig, and drummer Dale Schnettler from Prime Circle.

The album elicits feelings of strength, but also the vulnerability of existence. It represents strength through the aggressive expression of emotion. This album can be found on all major streaming platforms, and you can find out more about the band at @fearoffallingband. 

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