Local indie rock band Zebra and Giraffe’s highly anticipated second album The Inside has finally been released two years after their successful 2008 debut, Collected Memories. Three versions of the new album have been released: a standard edition, a deluxe edition that includes a DVD with a documentary of the making of The Inside, and a third with a bonus EP attached. The album was produced by Darryl Torr and mixed by Cenzo Townshend, who has also worked with bands like New Order, the Editors and U2.

The first track “I Believe” sets a lasting impression that leads into the rest of the album. Some songs (like “Have I got no soul” and “Bleed me out”) have a dark and serious atmosphere. If you are looking to compare some of the new songs with old favourites like “Oxymoron” and “The Knife”, then have a listen to the title track “The Inside” as well as “The End of the Road” and “Make this a Sign”. Specifically, these songs epitomise Zebra and Giraffe’s vocal, lyrical and instrumental talent, proving that the band still have loads of music to give.

Most often, what fans and critics expect of bands is for them to evolve with their second album, but still maintain their signature sound. Zebra and Giraffe have done just that. The Inside is not a total departure from their debut album but the band has definitely added some new flavour and sound. If Zebra and Giraffe didn’t have a huge fan base before, it seems that the band is set to gain some new respect and adoration.

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this album. It is just as clean-cut and neat as the band’s image. This one is set to be something special.

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