TuksSport is home to a diverse range of sporting codes and recreational activities. Not only does UP-Tuks cater for elite sportspeople providing them with an environment where they can thrive, but it also provides many platforms that sport enthusiasts and students interested in participating in sports can make use of.

There are various ways in which students can associate themselves with sporting activities at the University of Pretoria. Students can join student structures at the university and actively participate in respective sporting disciplines for that particular structure. These structures include residences, faculty houses, clubs, societies and day houses across the university’s campuses. Once a student has registered under any of the aforementioned structures, he/she becomes eligible to compete in numerous men’s and women’s events, tournaments and campus leagues which take place throughout the year. These sporting activities and campus leagues include football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, netball, hockey, touch rugby and swimming galas.

For the more competitive students, there is also the prospect of being able to play for the university. TuksSport hosts trials in some sporting codes which are on offer to UP registered students who think they’ve got what it takes to represent the university at intervarsity, regional and national level.

The Student Sport Committee (SSC) is the committee that facilitates and oversees the organisation and management of student activities and annual campus leagues. Towards the end of the academic year this committee opens their applications to any prospective candidates who wish to be part of their General Committee (GC). It is an opportunity for students to assist in planning these student sport events, and also to assist in the other sporting disciplines that are available through TuksSport.


Illustration: Asiphe Dlulane. 

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