On 19 August Prof. Tawana Kupe hosted a virtual inaugural lecture through the Faculty of Humanities, titled ‘New Media, New Society: Reimagining media and society in a disrupted age’. The lecture discussed how new media activates and facilitates intellectual rethinking of society in a discordant and transforming context .

The address presented insights based on Prof. Kupe’s research, insight, teaching and advocacy, to spearhead a debate that our current day requires the creation of new media as a baton of representation in a new society. “I suggest that new media should seek to become an open, democratic, access and voice to the majority of citizens as a practical realisation of media freedom that advances the human right to freedom of expression”, said Prof. Kupe. Prof. Kupe explained that new media has opened a space of a “communication revolution” to reshape societies.

For more inaugural events of this nature, students can contact the University of Pretoria Archives at archives@up.ac.za.

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