An illegal gathering was held on campus on Friday, August 21. The ANC Youth League presided over a meeting in protest of the SRC structure. Permission had not been requested from the Indepedent Electoral Commission (IEC), which has booked the piazza for the second semester.

Dean of Students, prof. McGlory Speckman, as well as Director of Security Services, Colin Fouché were present with campus security along the perimeter. As the gathering had not been registered, and permission procured, Fouché offered to provide an alternative venue and led the group to the SRC conference room.

On the way, the gathering turned into a march with singing and dancing. Fouché asked the group to continue quietly as such a march was illegal. Upon arrival at the conference room, Fouché informed the crowd that no suitable venues were available. In response he was intimidated and asked if he was banning the group from venues on the campus.

Fouché spoke with prof. Speckman, and sent security to ascertain whether or not the Amphitheatre was vacant. The group was then escorted to the Amphi and, in the presence of members of the SRC, the IEC and Perdeby, threatened actions to disrupt the elections.

Other issues were also raised such as accusations of racial quotas being used by the University to exclude black students from residences. Lecturers were accused of giving better quality classes to Afrikaans students to enforce a class system over black students.

They further called for the resignation of prof. Speckman, and threatened further protest action to be held. Attendees were encouraged to gather support within their faculties to encourage an undefined revolution to solve the University’s problems.

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