Ienkmelodienk was formed with the Afrikaans abbreviation Ienk that stands for In-Eerstejaar-Nie-Koshuis, translated into “In-First-Year-Not-Resident” and melodienk deriving from the Afrikaans word for melody. The Ienkacronym originates from an old tradition, that first-year students are only part of the residence during the end of their first year. The new name, which had to be in English or contain English, was decided on using a poll conducted via Facebook, which allowed students to suggest new names for the competition.

Joey Makgapa, chairperson of Stuku said, “The name change was suggested to [the Executive Committee] by the outgoing EC and as the new EC, this is our first step towards transformation in the new term.” Makgapa added, “Yes, it is a residence event and will still be, but as a part of integration, the public has a say in the new name through submitting suggestions, and then ultimately voting for a name of their choice.”

Submissions for the new name ran from 26 September to 19 October, after which, students could vote for the name of their choice.

The names chosen for the poll were: Fect (First Years Encounter Culture at Tuks), with a marketing spin of “We put the ‘fect’ in perfect”; Kaleidoscope, representing the first-years singing and dancing together in the competition; Fyred UP(First Year Resident Entertainment) and Insync, representing first-years “staying in sync” with one another.