The season change has led to the inevitable annual frenzy that fills up gyms. On 3 September students and the public alike congregated in the name of fitness and in the pursuit of a summer body to partake in the Spring Break Aerobics Marathon. The focus was to have fun and to love the body in all its forms while getting fit.

The event took place at the High Performance Centre from 09:00-12:00 and attendees got three hours of three different forms of aerobics. They also received goodie bags upon arrival and there were various prizes handed out throughout the event. The aerobics included Zumba, High Low, and kickboxing. Zumba is a high intensity dance class that teaches new moves while burning a lot of calories. High Low involves mixing fast and slow cardio intervals to improve fitness and endurance. Kickboxing incorporates various forms of fighting such as karate, martial arts, Muay Thai and boxing with cardio.

If that was not enough motivation, bodybuilder Mazi Maluleke attended the event and inspired those in attendance with his fitness journey and physique. Well-known and energetic gym instructor Alpheus Maloi was one of the instructors of the day.

UP medical student Shannon Britt attended the event and said, “I really enjoyed the challenge of trying new forms of exercise today. It is so important to encourage students with this kind of lifestyle. Pursuing fitness helps you to pursue the fullness of life.”

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