Secure your tent

This security measure is something as simple as locking up your tent with a small store-bought padlock. This keeps people with sticky fingers out. If you lose the key, this will keep you out too, so be sure to bring a spare.


Lock your liquids

If you’re bringing along something to drink (alcoholic or not) make sure you’re drinking from a bottle with a screw-top lid. This keeps the dust out as well as anything anyone is trying to slip into it. The risk of being spiked at Oppi is just as high as it is when out at a nightclub, so keep your drinks close and covered up at all times. Make sure to bring ample water along. The days get very hot, and when you’re too excited about the keyboard player in the band you waited all day to see you may not notice that you’re dehydrating. Water points are also likely to be a decent hike away from your camping spot, so be aware of your water levels.


Know your saviours

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the medics tent and the Red Frogs in case you find yourself in a panic because one of your friends or someone you know gets into trouble. These people are there to help and to make sure you live to rave another day.


Navigation is key

When night falls and you’re tired of electro music, it definitely helps to learn the name of your street. Stick something in a tree nearby or erect a flag of some kind that will tell you that you’ve arrived at your tent.

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