Whose responsibility is it to solve our drinking problem? I don’t feel that it’s the university’s, but rather ours. We can only solve it, however, if we learn how to. This education isn’t being given to us, though, as the “authorities” in this situation feel that cancelling alcohol consumption forever cures the problem far better than providing the safe space for us to realise that constant heavy drinking is something that we can’t continue for the rest of our lives. Heavy drinking will still continue and possibly escalate, but in private, making any form of education or correction even harder.

I’m a res kid and I’ve been involved rather intricately with the creation of more than one Pot en Pons stall. I’m really sad that I missed out on the opportunity to have one last Pot en Pons because the university feels the only thing it centres around is drinking. Pot en Pons gives students the opportunity to meet people from another residence, exhibit their creativity, test their ability to cooperate and take pride in their hard work. Most importantly, Pot en Pons is one of the best parties I have ever attended. I can guarantee you it wasn’t because I had a free drink in my hand, but because of the feeling of community I experienced.

Here’s to the good times, to the bad times, and to the times that could have been.


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