Has Tuks got talent? Apparently we’ll find out soon, with the plethora of new events STUKU has lined up for the annual UP Arts Week.

From 9 to 15 May, the university is set to hold a series of shows and competitions, including UP Yours Comedy Show, Tuks Treasure Hunt, Mr and Miss UP and “Tuks Has Got Talent”, as well as art exhibitions and the first ever Gauteng Poetry Competition.

“We wanted to do something new,” says STUKU Vice Chairperson, Zonke Mthethwa. “Something that everyone can participate in.”

The biggest crowd pleasers will undoubtedly be Mr and Miss UP, as well as Tuks’s own version of reality TV favourite, “Tuks Has Got Talent”.  As is the case with the TV version, anything goes. STUKU claims the competition will be open to anyone, from singers to snake charmers.

People interested in taking part in Mr and Miss UP, “Tuks Has Got Talent” or the Gauteng Poetry Competition will have to go through a round of auditions first, which will take place in the Musaion as follows:

7 April: Gauteng Poetry Competition

8 April: “Tuks Has Got Talent”

9 April: Mr and Miss UP

Hopefuls can pick up entry forms at Tukkiewerf from 28 March, or chat to STUKU representatives at their stall in the Piazza on 31 March.

Perdeby wishes all wannabe singers/snake charmers the best of luck!

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