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Calling all the fashion fanatics! Get ready to dive into the world of our very own Hatfield Fashioni-Stars. This new
segment puts the spotlight on Hatfield’s most stylish and fashion-forward students. These cool kids may have already caught your eye, giving you some fashion inspiration and motivation to get out of bed and into class. Who does not love some well-dressed eye candy to look at during long, boring lecturers? How you pair your clothes speaks volumes and can be a great way to express yourself and show your creativity. Whether you rock the emo, “I watch horror movies to unwind” vibe or channel the wannabe American thug look (minus the actual thug life), the fashion scouts are always on the lookout for Hatfield’s next certified Fashioni-Star! So, throw on your best fit and strut your stuff. You might just catch our attention!

This week’s spotted stars spill the beans on their way of creating a head-turning campus look that still showcases their unique and crafty personalities.

Lesego Mofokeng:
This EMS scholar has really stepped up the on-campus fashion game, almost putting all the other faculties to shame! Meet Lesego Mofokeng, a BAdmin student in International Relations and Public Management with an effortlessly cool vibe that makes this Fashioni-Star a walking Pinterest board.
Mofokeng admires the minimalistic look, adding splashes of colour and accessories to spice up an outfit. Pairing masculine pieces with some typically feminine items, his individuality and creativity produces some of the most timeless yet visually captivating fits. This week, he rocked a cream, monochromatic ensemble and added some ruby-jewelled gold hoops to finish the look. Paired with the classic Air Force 1s, he showed an innovative way to rock the otherwise ordinary bandana, ultimately creating a perfect campus outfit.
Mofokeng gets inspiration from his close circle and presents himself as a put-together individual who is approachable and intentional in the way he dresses. His versatility in style is a visual feast for main campus students, and he himself stands as inspiration to those who glance his way. This Fashioni-Star always has an eye for pieces that can be dressed up, down, and in a way that uniquely portrays his relaxed but preppy style.

Welcome to the fabulous world of Khanya. This barbie is an LLBaddie and loves a Y2K vibe mixed with McBling to cultivate an outfit of self-expression.
Gaining inspiration from her favourite TikTok account, @tiaynna, Khanya rocks some nostalgic Y2K outfits with influence from iconic 2000s movies like Clueless and Mean Girls. She does not limit her style and is expanding into a boho-whims gothic era, attuned in a way that still radiates confidence and a girly-girl energy. Her gold jewellery collection is not just limited to the usual rings and accessories. By mostly shopping online on Etsy, she has gotten her hands on some unique arm cuffs and bold necklaces which help create one-of-a-kind looksthat can be hard to recreate.
This week’s blue-on-blue ensemble paired with her pink block heels definitely caught some of you doing a double take, and for all the right reasons! She believes shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit, and these pink heels definitely made hers. The pink detailing on her jeans complemented the block heels, consequently creating a cohesive and elegant look.

This edition’s crowned Fashioni-Stars have definitely blown the fashion scouts away and set a high bar for all the students on campus. It is time to step up your fashion game and wear your outfits with confidence! Who knows, you might just get the attention of our scouting agents and be awarded with the title of a Hatfield Fashioni-Star.