According to Captain Colette Weilbach of the Brooklyn Police Station, the Hatfield CID security guards spotted a suspicious green Volkswagen Golf in front of the Debonairs restaurant and confronted the two men leaving the restaurant. Upon approaching them, the suspects pointed their firearms at the security guards and fled on foot. The guards were able to apprehend one suspect on Burnett Street while the other was arrested on Jan Shoba Street. A third suspect was arrested later that day.

Bauser said that the police went to Debonairs to get his statement and also asked to see all of his drivers. One driver was implicated in the organisation of the crime and had allegedly informed the suspects as to when the shop would be at its most vulnerable. “He was the last guy on earth I would ever think could do this to me,” said Bauser.

Two firearms and the getaway car were confiscated. An undisclosed amount of money, which was hidden in one of the suspects’ underwear, was recovered as well as other items suspected to be stolen.

According to police, the suspects, who were in custody at the time of going to print, will soon appear in the Hatfield court.

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