Dialogue is used sparingly in the book and the writing is repetitive at times, making certain segments challenging to read. During the course of the narrative, La Grange occasionally goes into too much detail regarding the history of family names and the history of apartheid and South Africa itself, deviating from the original story and distracting the reader.

La Grange’s writing style and grammar also tend to be clumsy at times, and some factual errors can be found in the book. However, this can be overlooked considering that this is a unique look into how La Grange perceived Mandela and she offers interesting insight into their exceptional and close relationship.

Good Morning, Mr Mandela is an honest book, written with much discretion and dignity. Despite its minor flaws, Good Morning, Mr Mandela has already gained attention and acclaim worldwide, and is being translated into seven different languages- aside from being released simultaneously in both English and Afrikaans. Good Morning, Mr Mandela is an undoubtedly essential book to read in order for South Africans and the world to remember Madiba as the caring, accepting and forgiving leader that he was.

Image: Penguin

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