Unlike some other pop and R&B singers, Williams does not need to use grotesque and foul imagery to match an over-developed narcissism. Instead, his smooth melodies and funky beats aim to charm women. Compared to his first solo album from 2006, In My Head, the music is more retro. Unlike the basic R&B music of his previous work, Girl has elements of disco, synth pop and R&B all mashed-up, which is a good escape from the generic pop sound currently on the mainstream charts.

Lyrically, the new album is more focused on a series of romantic experiences as opposed to the crude and blatant references present in In My Head. The new album is also filled with playful metaphors and suggestive imagery, which is easier to listen to than direct and blunt sexual statements. This somewhat redundant theme is occasionally broken by songs snuck in such as the hidden track “Freq” featuring JoJo.

Girl also features vocals from Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and Daft Punk, which give the album variation and provides rest from William’s limited range. Williams’s collaboration on “Brand new” with Justin Timberlake goes down like ice-cream on a hot Sunday, as their voices work effortlessly together. Alicia Keys’s vocals on the funky “Know who you are” makes the song soulful and Miley Cyrus’s “Come get it bae” lyrics are good for giving the song a truly fun and lively sound.

One mistake that Williams makes is only focusing on one genre of music throughout the album. This means only a specific audience will like it.

The album is much better than his first solo album. Girl shows that Williams can adjust and grow as time goes by to stay current in his own style.

Image: rollingstone.com

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