Members of the SRC are elected by the students every year through a democratic voting process conducted by the Independent Elections Committee (IEC). There are 19 portfolios in the SRC. The portfolios in the SRC include:

This portfolio ensures that all the SRC members fulfil and adhere to their duties. The SRC president is also responsible for making sure that student concerns reach university management.

Deputy president
The deputy president of the SRC ensures cooperation within the executive committee. The deputy president also ensures that the policies adopted promote an environment that improves students’ lives.

The secretary of the SRC is responsible for making sure that there is effective communication between SRC members. The secretary also ensures that each and every SRC portfolio has all the resources required to produce effective results and further ensures the smooth running of all activities.

Deputy secretary
The SRC deputy secretary assists with administration within the SRC and works closely with the president, deputy president and the secretary in ensuring that the SRC goals are met. The deputy secretary also takes down the minutes of meetings and is responsible for making sure that the minutes are reported to the public.

The treasurer oversees the general finances within the SRC and is responsible for financial planning as well as financial reporting. The treasurer also oversees fundraising.

Facilities safety and security
This portfolio is responsible for promoting student safety and works closely with campus security. This portfolio also addresses students’ concerns regarding transportation issues to and from campus.

Marketing, media and communications
This portfolio is responsible for the SRC uniforms, SRC website maintenance and the promotion of SRC activities and events. This portfolio is for the SRC brand and image.

Postgraduate and international students
This two-part portfolio deals with issues relating to postgraduate and international students. It is responsible for ensuring the successful registration of international students. It also assists international students with medical aid applications and other challenges that may prevent them from becoming UP students. This portfolio also assists postgraduate students in applying for research funds and other issues that apply specifically to them.

Day students and external campus affairs
This portfolio is responsible for addressing the concerns of students that are on external campuses such as Mamelodi, Prinshof and Groenkloof campus. It also ensures that there are projects and events which include day students and make them feel part of student life.

This portfolio is responsible for ensuring that all the societies on campus are registered. This portfolio attends to the needs of the societies and ensures that registered societies receive funding and the resources they may require.

Transformation and student success
This portfolio is responsible for the needs of disabled students and students that stay in private accommodation. It is also responsible for transformation issues such as promotion of languages.

Study finance
This portfolio is responsible for assisting students with financial challenges. It is the link between the university finance department and the students. It is responsible for ensuring that the SRC study aid fund caters for the students’ needs.


Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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