What inspired you?

I can’t specifically pinpoint one thing or person that inspired me. I am inspired by a lot of people every day, I even find that, sometimes, I inspire myself too.


How do you keep your fitness training knowledge up to date?

Nowadays there is information readily avail­able everywhere, and anywhere. I usually do some light reading. I also like to follow some very informative pages, and accounts on social media. I have friends who have been into fit­ness longer than I have been, so I also [enquire] from them.


Why is it important for students to stay fit?

The importance of fitness for students or anyone in general cannot be underestimated. I find going to the gym or doing some form of exercise very therapeutic. With the amount of stress, and pressure we get from school, you actually get to realize that in as much as fitness is about the physical, it can also actually posi­tively impact the mental state.


How do you keep the students you train motivated?

There is no formula to keeping anyone motivat­ed, especially in fitness. Not to say that I don’t push them for an extra set, or encourage them to not give up. However, I always like to teach students the importance of self-motivation. The essence of it all lies in you, and how [much] you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


Where do you host your fitness sessions?

I alternate the venues between LCde Villiers Sports Centre, and Duncan Yard. In a month, I offer eight training sessions.


What are the three essential exercises you would suggest for students?

Well it all just depends on whether you are trying to achieve a body goal, or you are just doing it to stay active. Regardless, I do think there are many exercises that all students can partake in. It’s all about preference and what makes you feel good afterwards. In the end being fit or adopting a healthy lifestyle is not about having a rigorous gym routine.


Photo: Prince Kekana