Undoubtedly Perdeby runs in the same way that a weekly national paper would and for a student to be able to perform and present work on par with a professional paper is fantastic. Perdeby teaches skills, dedication and professionalism.

But, most importantly, the paper can’t put itself together. The people here are what matter; they are the backbone of the publication and without them, I would have been a sad Editor and Perdeby would have be a few sad pieces of paper with not much to offer our readers.

I’m so thankful for each and every member at the publication that takes hours out of each week to ensure Perdeby comes out like clockwork. Countless of them have spent late nights, early mornings and weekends writing, drawing, laying out, editing and uploading and all of them do it for free.

This year’s editorial have been possibly the most dynamic the paper has ever seen. With such a variety of opinions and methods, they have challenged my way of thinking and doing things to the limit and I have learnt things from them about leadership and life that has changed me for ever. Chad, Huvasan, Carli, Marko, Herman, Nikita, Mothusi and Shen, thank you for not only being colleagues but friends. Your hard work shows in every edition and I’m so proud that you have all achieved so much in your sections and as persons. I have no doubt you will be successful where ever you go next year as you have been tried and tested this year and passed with flying colours.

Perdeby was blessed the day Carel took up the Editor-in-Chief position. He is the glue that holds all the parts together and an exceptional leader and mentor. Thank you, Carel, for always being willing to fight for the paper on our behalf and for the constant guidance and wisdom you bestow on each individual here.

A special mention must also be given to the previous Editor, Max, who has become a close friend and caring mentor over the last two years. All that I have done was built on your legacy. To our future Editor, I know you will be exactly what the paper needs. I trust you will take Perdeby on new paths and to new heights. I can’t wait to see what you achieve.

Lastly, thank you, dear readers, for remaining loyal to us, for pushing us, and for giving us a purpose. You are who we cater for and we have done our best to serve you. Perdeby is in a process of constantly reshaping itself to suit your needs and so we can’t ever take you for granted. Some exciting ideas have been raised for next year and I hope they are just what you want.

Perdeby has been so central to my life over the last while that it is a huge thing to let go of. But the most important thing the paper has taught me is that it is not necessarily what you do or where you do it but who you do things with. I leave carrying all the memories and friendships in my heart and in a way, I’m never going have to let go completely. It is time now to tackle other things (like my dissertation) and make an impact elsewhere (like education). In the words of the dolphins, “So long and thanks for all the fish”.


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