According to the surveys we have gone through, the most popular sections in Perdeby are News, Entertainment and Features, with Fun and Games trumping all three. What is really exciting about knowing this is that we can try to tailor Perdeby into a product that readers want to see now. We know which sections to focus on and what type of content to include.

Besides finding out what the popular sections in the paper are, the other most important thing we needed to find out was whether people feel that a student newspaper is an essential service. Any journalist, or aspiring journalist, will say that a student newspaper is important. But sometimes I wonder whether we are just using Perdeby for experience and to fill our portfolios rather than to provide information that students need or want. The good news is that most students agreed that a student newspaper is an essential student service. So after 75 years Perdeby still has a purpose. This survey has not only allowed us to see that our readers agree with this, but has also allowed us to focus on information that you want and to report stories that you need to know about.

There is always room for improvement and we are looking at other suggestions that you have made. Unfortunately, change can be slow, but we are trying week in and week out to be more representative of Tuks and to cover news and events that will interest students.

This week’s edition has coverage of the Comic’s Choice Awards on page 9. We also covered the Varsity Football match on our back page and the intervarsity has an interesting story about Walter Sisulu University that was closed last week. Sometimes student life can be tough, but at least we still have one.

I also want to thank everyone who came in to have an interview with us last week. Congratulations go to our newest members. I am looking forward to working with you and building on our 75-year history.

Just keep swimming.


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