The R500 000 that they need will be used for the production of the album, marketing costs, music videos, and crowdfunding expenses. They plan to start recording in June with pre-order releases in September and the official release in October 2017.

Lead vocalist Francois van Coke said that “the response has been insane. Our plan was to go live a few days before the March payday and we were not expecting much funds to come in until mid-April.”

Their decision to fund their project through crowdfunding arose from a changing music industry. Bassist Wynand Myburgh explains that “an album is expensive, even the crowdfunding campaign has a lot of expenses. Sad thing is that the music in its recorded format does not have much value.” Bands face difficulties making money and breaking even in a world where music is easily pirated. Fokofpoliesiekar says that they feel they have something to offer and that funding the project in this way lets them focus on their music and fans first. Drummer Jaco “Snakehead” Venter said, “It’s everything or fokol.”


Image Provided/Jaco S. Venter 

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