You have done many collaborative tracks withvarious artists. Do you enjoy collaborating with other performers?

I do. I even just enjoy [engaging] in conversation with other artists. That’s how I make music.


How did you experience your set at Oppikoppi?

I wasn’t [at Oppikoppi] in 2014, and in 2013 I played [at Oppikoppi] for the first time. In 2012, I was gate-crashing my friends’ performances. At this [performance], a lot more people [knew] about me, so [there was] a whole lot more crowd response.


How was your Oppikoppi experience this year specifically?

I arrived [late] on Friday and on [Saturday] afternoon we partied hard, [which was] something I’ve … never been able to do [at Oppikoppi], so that was [fun].

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