You’ve just released a new single called “Breathing”. How would you describe the content of the song?

I’m a huge fan of Kings of Leon. I remember reading somewhere that one of [their] songs was meant to be advice for one of [their] daughters when she grew up. I liked that idea, so I did the same.


What was the recording process for Fire like?

It was awesome. I was under no real deadline and I really enjoyed the writing process. The [worst] part was having to choose which [songs] to use.


You performed at Parklife recently. How was the experience?

Parklife in [Johannesburg] was honestly the best-run festival I’ve been to this year. Amazing sound and stages, but it was the crowd that really made it special. Right from the [start], the people were so supportive of all the acts, and it was so great to see and [I] really appreciated [it].


Do you have a specific process when it comes to songwriting, or is it different for each song?

It’s always different and I’m learning new ways. I mostly write melodies with my guitar and just add some [lyrics] from there. I’m trying to challenge myself to write on piano now.


You’ll be joining Monark on their winter tour soon. Are you looking forward to the experience?

I genuinely love those guys a lot. They’ve helped me out so much in my career, and they are so amazing as a band, so I’m really looking forward to just hanging out with some good mates on the road.


Image: Marlon du Plooy

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