Where to go: The Jolly Roger, Hatfield a.k.a Jollys

When to go: Tuesdays for Roger That Tuesdays, or Sundays for Sunday Sessions

Why should I go? Jolly’s is your one stop for a techno tunes on Tuesdays featuring artists like Bongani Zulu and Swade Shift.

Specials: Jolly’s specials are usually dependent on the event they’re hosting.


Where to go: Springboks

When to go: Literally any night of the week, especially Wednesdays for quiz night

Why should I go? Springboks has a certain degree of chill to it. It’s perfect for the nights you don’t feel like staying in but also don’t want to paint the town red.

Specials: Springboks is your go-to for two for the price of one specials. This includes Brandy, Vodka and R&Rs.


Where to go: Aandklas

When to go: Monday for beer pong or Wednesdays for quiz night

Why should I go? Aandklas is arguably one of the most alternative spots for the student who doesn’t really do mainstream but still wants to have a good time.

Specials: Half price cocktails from 11am-6pm daily.


Where to go: Jukes

When to go: Thursday nights (student night)

Why should I go? Fantastic food by day turns to delicious drinks by night. Jukes is the newest addition to of Pretoria’s nightlife, perfect for the student who loves throwback tunes and coming home in the early hours of the morning.

Specials: Cheeky Hour, half price cocktails from 5pm-7pm daily.


Where to go: Madison Avenue Pretoria

When to go: Thursdays (The Student Games), Fridays, and Saturdays for Seductive Saturdays

Why should I go? Madison Avenue Pretoria is perfect for the student who feels like a classier night out.

Specials: Maddy’s is renowned for their cheap shots (R5) before a certain time, usually on Fridays, but they almost always have different specials dependent on the event they’re hosting that evening.


Where to go: Kollege Klubhouse/ Taaibos Dogbox

When to go: Fridays

Why should I go? Every weekend the two rival residence’s host cheap drinks and good music. This is perfect for the student who is trying to save some cash.

Specials: Everything is pretty much a special, with two for one prices going for R22 or less.

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