PDBY interviewed the different student political parties within the UP community regarding their budget for 2021. The Student Political Parties that were interviewed are the Democratic Student Alliance (DASO), the South African Student Congress University of Pretoria (SASCO) and the Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFFSC-UP).

Thuto Mashila, the SASCO Treasurer for 2021, told PDBY that SASCO has not received any funds from the university for 2021, thus the organisation has been unable to run financially driven initiatives. Chardonnay Arends, the Chairperson of DASO said to PDBY, “we didn’t qualify for funding from the university this year but the mother body party funds our initiatives.”

Fikile Sibanda, the Chairperson of the EFFSC-UP said that the SRC society’s
office in the university allocates a certain amount of money according to criteria which also means that the money received by various registered societies in the institution varies. “The EFF Student Command UP last received money as a registered society in 2019 and received a total amount of R16000” Sibanda said. Sibanda further explained that EFFSC-UP usually spends most funds on SRC elections and that the funds of EFFSC-UP are
managed by the elected branch treasurer.

For more information on the budget of the different political parties, students can contact the various treasures or chairpersons.

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