Chairpersons for 2021:

Law House – Gomolemo Sibeko

House Education – Nokuthula Maholalela

EBIT House – Uwaiza Abdool Sattar

Health House – Mberipura Tjijorokisa Pulse 

House Humanities – Liam Jacobs 

House Theology – Lindokuhle Zikalala

The elections of Faculty Houses took place from 14 to 16 October. On 19 October, the Executive Committee results and Chairpersons results were announced for the Faculty houses. PDBY interviewed some of the Chairpersons.

PDBY asked each of the Chairpersons their motivation for running for Chairperson 2020/2021. Nokuthula Mahlalela, the House Education Chairperson, said “I was part of the Executive Committee last year, and saw myself having the potential to lead. I also saw some open doors that influenced me to run so I can fix the open doors that encouraged me to take the step forward and run for Chair.”

Lindokuhle Zikalala, the Chairperson for House Theology, explained that leadership is one of the skills he has been pruning since his primary school days. “To become a chairperson of House Theology and Religion was always going to be a stepping stone to fulfill my deepest desire, which is serving the students […]. What also influenced me to run for chairperson was my experience which I got in serving others and helping students with their difficulties for previous months in the Executive Committee and years even in High School”.

PDBY asked each of the Chairpersons their motivation for running for Chairperson 2020/2021

Uwaisa Abdool Sattar, the Chairperson of EBIT House, mentioned that she was always surrounded by inspiring leaders who are extremely passionate when it comes to lending a helping hand. She told said “I wanted to make a change and inspire other students. Taking on the role of chairperson will grant me that opportunity to guide students towards the correct path in building a positive and promising future.”

PDBY asked them about their goals for their Faculty in 2021. Stefan Steenkamp, the NAT House Chairperson, asserted that the goal he hopes to achieve during his term “is to ensure that all NAS Faculty students reach their full potential, achieving their academic goals and crossing the finish line.” Sattar said that as a chairperson she will ensure that her team works together in fulfilling their duties and that they are motivated. “I will work together with my vice-chairperson to ensure that the executive committee members and students are always checked. Always considering the mental health of not only the executive committee members but all students in the EBIT faculty.”

Mahlalela said that her goal is to transform the faculty of education and make it inclusive to other faculties. Zikalala said that his goal, “is academic excellence, making sure that all students pass, and they are taken care of mentally, physically, and emotionally which will impact their academic results.” Secondly, Zikalala explained that his other goal is to expose the faculty as since it is a small faculty and only a limited number of people know about the Theology and Religion Faculty in the university. “I want to expose it within the university and even outside the university, because I believe more theologians are needed in communities out there”, Zikalala explained.

 I wanted to make a change and inspire other students. Taking on the role of chairperson will grant me that opportunity

The various chairpersons were asked on what they want to implement in their faculty and what change they would like to bring forth. Mahlalela said that one thing that she wants to change in the education faculty is it being isolated from events and students who are based in other faculties, especially the main campus.

Sattar said that she believes that every student has the right to voice out their opinion based on a specific matter that may arise. “Implementing the approach that I will take will ensure that all perspectives are taken into consideration towards creating and meeting the requirements that will result in the upliftment and development of the EBIT Faculty”, she explained.

Zikalala said that his plans are to implement unity, where there is no dominant party or race, but instead provide a place where the faulty is a family of success. “I believe it starts once I instil unity, all else will fall into place,” Zikalala explained. He further mentioned that he dreams about every student going home happy at the end of the year, with great academic results.

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