Madonsela and Jele said that they have brought KPMG on board as a sponsor for R20 000 towards the campaign. According to Wenzile, the Public Protector’s office will also help to raise funds for and support the “I am Jackson” campaign. They said that all they want “is to get R1 from every student on campus” to go towards the “I am Jackson” fund to help students during the waiting period for their loans to come through.

They have also begun printing shirts saying “I am Jackson” in support of the campaign. Wenzile Madonsela stated that, “We are not going to put EFF on [the shirts], because it is not about the EFF.” Instead they want to represent the “Jacksons” as individuals and not bring politics into the situation.

Jackson has currently been reinstated as a student at Tuks this year and is receiving funding through various financial schemes.

The second initiative is to raise awareness during IAW. The campaign focuses on the current problems the people of Palestine are facing. Madonsela stated that their members “were educated on what [is] happening so that [during IAW they] are equipped… to answer questions.”

EFF Tuks plans to participate in a number of events planned for IAW, including lectures by guest speakers on the conditions between Israel and Palestine, screenings on the subject, and a silent march along the fitness trail.

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