Beje was the only female left in the hall when a group of EFF members surrounded her and asked her to delete the recordings she had made. According to Beje one of the EFF members held her while others took her phone after she refused to delete her recordings. When she told them that what they are doing is wrong and that she would file a complaint, SRC deputy president Luvuyo Menziwa told her to go ahead and do it. Menziwa did nothing to stop the intimidation.

According to Menziwa, the recordings were deleted because Beje never arranged with anyone to attend the event or asked permission to make recordings. EFF Tuks chairperson Kabelo Mahlobogwane confirmed with Perdeby that the event was advertised on the Groenkloof campus as a public event. Beje, a resident of Inca on the Groenkloof campus, was also invited by EFF deputy chair Sam Mphuti to attend the event.

While trying to leave, Beje was pushed from behind while an EFF member shouted at her that this wasn’t a newsroom, it was an EFF meeting and that she had no right to be there, even though Beje tried to explain that she was invited by the EFF to cover the event.

Mahlobogwane declined to comment when asked about the behaviour of the EFF members towards Beje.

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