However, in addition to the scheduled musical entertainment, the day also provided for amusement in the shape of Oppikoppi’s annual Dustbowl Olympics. This year, the event took the form of a “running of the gods” race. Costumed dustbowl puritans gathered for the event in imaginative (and sometimes ridiculous) attire. At 13:00 a mass of toga-wearing, sword-wielding Spartans and Homeric heroes took off to see who would arise as the victor in this event. One creative contestant arrived accurately dressed as Thor – complete with Mjölnir.

The winner of the race wore an interesting combination of an Athenian toga, a Spartan war skirt and bright blue tekkies. The event was an overall success, attracting eager participants and supporters alike, offering the crowds an entertaining break from their continuous partying.

Photo: Eddie Mafa

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