Drake is known as a rapper who isn’t afraid to talk about his past emotional experiences. He acknowledges this in the song “U with me?” where he says, “I’ve made a career out of reminiscing”. The personal nature of the album is highlighted in songs that include spoken word or skits beforehand, which give the songs context. This is similar to past albums such as Nothing Was The Same and Headlines

The album was originally titled Views from the 6, with “the 6” referring to Drake’s hometown of Toronto, but it was later shortened to Views. The cover art for the album was originally released via Drake’s Twitter account on 28 April. The images quickly circulated on social media, with many people likening the pictures to the loading screen of the popular game, Grand Theft Auto. While the visual connections are definitely there, it cannot be denied that the images suit the general sound of the album.

The album is predominantly hip-hop driven, but there are some elements from other musical genres fused into the songs, such as electro in the songs “9” and “Feel no ways”. When Drake raps on the album, there is an emphasis on clever lyrics and metaphors. However, when he sings there is a slight element of disconnection, because it is easy to hear the intentional alteration to his voice, which detracts from the feeling of “realness” that he tries to convey through his lyrics.

Some general themes that can be identified on the album are financial success, love, loyalty, the struggles of being a rapper and the hard work that goes into the craft. These themes are highlighted by clever rhymes and strong lines. The songs on the album seem to be randomly placed, and this could make listening to the album a bit challenging. However, each song offers something different, from lines that will make you pause the track to beats that will have to be turned up to maximum volume in the car.

The album is easy to listen to and can appeal to die-hard Drake fans as well as first-time listeners.


Image: Ovo Sound


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