Speaking to Perdeby, Moloto explained what he thought were the reasons for DASO’s win. “I think firstly, we as DASO ran an extremely clean campaign; we focused specifically on what we as a DASO SRC could provide to the students of UP rather than engaging in petty politics. We also had a very clear detailed manifesto with achievable points, and we spoke to the issues that really affected most students – and that’s finances,” said Moloto. “This is obviously a historic victory. Ten out of ten has never been done at UP, it’s rarely been done anywhere in South Africa and this is indicative of students and South Africans in general calling for change,” said Moloto.

Further, DASO UP SRC candidates have pledged a percentage of their SRC honorariums back into the SRC study aid fund. According to DASO UP winner of the SRC treasurer portfolio, Duane van Wyk, all DASO members have made this pledge. “The SRC president has pledged 75%, the other SRC executive members (treasurer and secretary portfolios) have pledged 59% and all other DASO elected SRC candidates have pledged 45%,” said van Wyk.

“Because of the different salaries that the respective SRC members receive, we worked out that we only need around R830 for living expenses, the rest was excessive and this way while we are all giving different amounts, we are all walking away with the bare minimum that we really need,” added van Wyk. Van Wyk explained that DASO would be encouraging all 17 SRC members including the EFFSC-UP members who won the deputy-president and deputy-secretary portfolios, and ex-officio SRC members to pledge a portion of their honorariums back to the study aid fund.

“If every member takes the DASO pledge we could raise R250 000 for students in need of financial aid,” said Van Wyk. Payment of the honorariums into the study aid fund would be done at the end of every quarter next year, added van Wyk. When asked about plans for the 2018 SRC term, Moloto explained that because a Temporary Student Committee (TSC) had been in place this year, the 2018 SRC term will already begin in September. “It is also extremely important that the states the departments are in due to the TSC currently in place, a lot of planning will be needed, that the SRC sets up this year already for next year,” said Moloto.

Moloto further added that “We as DASO will be working extremely close with the DA lead City of Tshwane during our SRC term, and reiterate the obligations the city has to take care of students. Essentially this makes us [the SRC] the link between the city and the students of UP.” Moloto said that the SRC would work with the city to lower costs associated with study, such as transport, by engaging the MMC of Roads and Transport regarding the bus services, and student accommodation, having already engaged councillors for the potential creation of social housing for students. “We will be prepared come the beginning of 2018, we will be prepared for the UP res crisis and how to deal with accommodation issues instead of tackling it last minute – no student should be forced to sleep on the library floor,” said Moloto. Moloto also explained that “it is important to note that even though DASO won ten out of ten, whether your shirt is blue, green or yellow, this SRC is for all students of UP”.

Soraia Machado, DASO winner of the SRC secretary portfolio explained that in terms of transparency, it is important to keep students up to date on what the SRC would be doing. “We need to get the ClickUP SRC tab working so students can actually see what the SRC is doing, visibility and accountability are key,” said Machado. Machado also went on to thank all students for participating in the SRC elections. “There has been an increase from 7000 voters last year to 10 000 who part took in these elections,” added Machado. According to the CEO of the IEC, Michael Makobe, one objection to the SRC elections was received. “However, the objection did not relate to irregularities or the accuracy of the election results and was merely against one of the political parties competing in the elections,” said Makobe.


Infographic: Sam Sherwood. Results provided by the IEC. 


All results in this article are used as provided by the IEC. 

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