On Saturday 19 February, Curelitzia walked away as the overall winners of the 2022 1nSync competition hosted by STUKU. Erica took second place followed by House Nala in third place. STUKU defines 1nSync as an “annual sing and dance competition for all the first years in student houses at UP (this includes residences, day houses and faculty houses)”. The last time STUKU hosted the 1nSync competition was in 2020, just prior to South Africa going into lockdown due to Covid-19. In 2021 an online version of the first-year cultural event took place under the name Beg1inners.

The 1nSync competition hosted at the Rag farm on the UP Hillcrest Campus sold out all its tickets and saw 1500 people in attendance to support the various residences, day houses, and faculty houses displaying their singing and dancing talents. The overall best theme award went to House Nala followed by House Mags and Erica in second and third place respectively.

House Mags also walked away with the People’s Choice Award. STUKU chairperson Megan Wilkinson described the event as a “great success” saying “despite the change of venue and certain challenges along the way, 1nSync 2022 definitely started the year off correctly for all first years, as well as those that attended or helped make this event happen”. The most multicultural award went to Commercii faculty house (mixed), Tirisano (men), and Curelitzia (ladies). Sibongokuhle Kubheka, STUKU member with the cultural external portfolio, explained that the most important quality of 1nSync is to show unity as a residence and to give the first years a good UP cultural experience.

Wilkenson added, “having been a part of Beg1nners 2021 as a culture external, the challenges and obstacles that we encountered were something we never wanted the culture externals to experience again. However, having pushed through that and regained confidence in cultural activities, we were able to put on a live show again. Of course hosting a live show came with its own ups and downs however, seeing the high demand for tickets and the nerves of the participants this year, was something truly heart-warming. We do it for the students, we do it for our community, but most importantly, we do it #FORTHECULTURE.”

Photos: Cletus Mulaudi and Masehle Mailula

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