The Pretty Blue Guns recently launched their debut full-length album Cutting Heads. The Guns formed during a high school Battle of the Bands competition, and two years on these guys are rocking the country with their “gritty blues rock”. Perdeby had a chat with André Leo, guitarist and vocalist.

Which single from Cutting Heads do you as a band like the most?

Ah man, we couldn’t say. It’s kinda like choosing a favourite kid, I guess. Some might be prettier than others, but others have more attitude. As a whole, we’re really proud of the album. We see it as a “whole”, not just a collection of songs.

Jumping up and down on stage while slamming on your guitars must be such a rush. Describe performing live.

It’s the best feeling in the world. There’s nothing like it. At times I get off stage and realise I don’t really remember the show and it’s not because of the drink or anything, it’s just such an almost out-of-body experience at times.

Which film best describes your music?

That’s a good question. I’ve always thought of the Guns music when I watch Kill Bill: Part 2. The first scene in the church where the assassination happens might be my favourite scene in history.

The rock star lifestyle always seems so glam. What about being in the music industry actually sucks?

Financially it’s definitely not the easiest way to go. Especially if you’re making music that’s not the most “radio friendly”. But we knew from the beginning that we were never gonna be on the cover of Seventeen or be the most popular band in the country, so it’s all good.

How do the girlfriends feel about the whole “I’m dating a musician” thing?

They’re all very creative people in their own way and very down to earth, so they don’t think of it like that. It’s very relaxed. But I’m the single one, so what do I know?

You have to make Perdeby a special cocktail. Name your ingredients.

Jameson on ice. That’s it. Ha ha…

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