The main theme of this album is life in Compton, which is filled with crime, drugs and violence. “Genocide” sees rappers Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar, both from Compton, rap about crime and murder in their city. The title of the track “Deep water” is used as a metaphor for gang life in Compton. The song says that gang life is not for everyone, and if you are not properly prepared for it, you will end up dead. The Game also touches on this theme on his solo track, “Just another day”.

However, not every song on the album is doom and gloom. The tracks “All in a day’s work” and “Darkside/gone” are about overcoming obstacles. They note that through hard work you can persevere and achieve anything.

Guests on this album deliver some of their best verses. An example of this is Eminem, who steals the show with his verse on “Medicine man”. The production on this album is stellar from beginning to end, with Dr. Dre utilising elements from both ‘90s hip-hop and more current sounds to create tracks that evoke emotion from the listener.

Compton: A Soundtrack is a fitting title for the album, with stories of drugs, violence, crime, police brutality and other hardships that have made the city famous. It is a brilliant collection of tracks featuring an outstanding cast of guest artists, and it certainly lives up to Dr. Dre’s legacy.



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