Tuks’s day houses were created to allow students who do not live in residences to participate in organised student life.

By joining one of the four day houses students can participate in RAG as well as sport and cultural activities. Only students who live in private accommodation may join a day house.

The newest day house, Luminous, was officially recognised in March 2011. It describes itself as “a diverse and value-based day house, dedicated to [giving] every student a holistic experience in student life.” Kris Hamersa, Head of Marketing and Communications for Luminous, told Perdeby that the house “excelled” in activities such as Ienkmelodienk and RAG and would like to build on this foundation in 2013. “Luminous is more than just a day house, we are a family, a brotherhood, a collection of random and unique souls, where everyone is accepted,” their website says.

Vividus was created in 2003 and separated into men and women day houses in 2006 when the number of members reached 1 000.

Vividus Ladies describes itself as an opportunity for students to “passionately and proudly participate and set new standards in all areas at Tuks”. The Vividus Ladies’ mascot is a phoenix named Aspiros (which is Latin for “full of fire”). The mascot was adopted in 2008 to celebrate the house’s five-year Feesjaar (anniversary). Vividus Ladies won Ienkmelodienk last year and Day House of the Year and Serenade in 2010. 2013 will be a big year for Vividus Ladies as they celebrate their Feesjaar. Mideé Buizer, Primaria for 2012, told Perdeby that Vividus Ladies aims to win Day House of the Year in 2013. She also said that the ladies will aim to finish in the top five at Ienkmelodienk, Serrie and Serenade.

Vividus Men is Tuks’s only men’s day house and won Day House of the Year last year. According to its page on the university website, Vividus Men creates the opportunity for day students to participate in the same activities as residence students. The house provides students “with opportunities to socialise and to participate in cultural and sports activities, providing them with the ideal platform to meet new people and develop their own support network”.

Zeus, Tuks’s oldest day house, was established in 1999. Zeus won Serenade in 2010 in the men’s category and in 2011 in the women’s category. Thomas van Schalkwyk, a Zeus house committee member for 2012, said that Zeus “had a disappointing year in terms of culture, but in all other areas we improved from 2011”.

Follow the day houses on Twitter to keep up to date with their activities: @HouseLuminous, @Vividus_Ladies and @vividusmen.

Illustration: Modeste Goutondji

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