There is a hot new flavour heading for Tuks and it promises to spice up student life. Chakalaka is a brand new interactive show designed to let students voice their opinions and concerns. The show will be launched on September 17 in the Piazza at 12.30. Its slogan is ‘Vreeslik Hot!’ and it will take the form of a chat show that will provide students with a platform for communication. The show will have six hosts selected from amongst the student body through an audition process. The organisers are also hoping to get celebrities to help in hosting the event.

According to a Chakalaka press release, the show will “promote communication and involvement of students with various groups”. The press release described the show as “Take5 meets Crazy Games”.

One of the organizers of Chakalaka, Lesego Mekgoe, explained that they chose the name because “chakalaka is a mix of so many various ingredients, with that bit of spice to keep you on your toes”. Mekgoe went on to explain that the show will be a melting pot of all the different facets of campus life.

The organisers of Chakalaka are hoping to tap into as many media outlets as possible, including SABC channels, TuksFM and Perdeby. There is even a Facebook group called “Chakalaka Voice!” which students can join should they have any questions or suggestions for discussion topics. The current topic on the group is interracial relationships. Students are encouraged to send their suggestions in to Chakalaka to stand a chance to win prizes.

Another of the show’s organisers, Kwanda Dlamini, explained that the show is expected to be a success because “students like to talk”. The show is supported by the SRC, TuksRag and Dean Speckman.

Chakalaka can be contacted on chakalaka4u@gmail.com. Alternatively, students can contact Chakalaka through their SMS line on: 071 561 7654

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