One of the activities open to the audience was learning sign language. Sindile Mhlanga, a sign language teacher from Zimbabwe, taught the audience how to greet and introduce themselves in sign language. Throughout the event, participants shared their experiences about living with disabilities. Maria Ramaahlo, Head of the UP Disability Unit, addressed one of the key issues people with disabilities face at UP. She said that  people with disabilities often unwillingly forfeit their allocated parking spots due to unauthorised individuals using them and urged individuals to refrain from using parking spots allocated for those with disabilities. Ramaahlo also emphasised the importance of “putting the person before the disability”. Law House representative, Mamello Molotsi, a third year LLB student, gave a brief overview of the origins of Human Rights commemorations in South Africa with reference to the apartheid regime. Molotsi said that it is important to focus on people with disabilities because everyone is human and disabled people are as significant as those without disabilities.


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