Just over two months into the year and TuksGolf’s Demi Flanagan has already left her mark on the golfing community. She recently returned home to compete in the Border Championship at the East London Golf Club, claiming victory for the fourth successive time. Perdeby spoke to the talented athlete to reflect on her recent achievement and plans for the rest of the year.

Were there any particular challenges that you had to overcome during the championship?
The biggest challenge was to make sure that I continually believed in myself [so that I would] build more confidence and play the best I could.

After winning the championship for the fourth time, is there any particular skill or strength that you attribute your consistency to?

It’s actually a combination of everything, but I would say my putting is really good. That’s where you win the game and I knew that I had to work particularly hard on that.

How have you progressed as an athlete over the past year with TuksGolf?

My game has improved tremendously [because] I am working with the best coaches – Emile Steinmann, my swing coach, and Gavin Groves, my gym trainer. They have played a big role in where I am today and where my golf game is today.

What would you like to achieve with TuksGolf this year?

I have stuff to strengthen in my swing. I would also love to see my game become more consistent, improve my amateur rankings in South Africa and win a couple more tournaments.


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