UP researchers assist in fight against bird flu outbreak

Researchers at UP, together with the poultry industry and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, are working to contain the current H5N8 variant of bird flu. The strain of bird flu has already been reported at four farms across the country. According to a statement on the UP website, Professor Celia Abolnik, Research Chair at Poultry Health and Production, stated that it is important for everyone, including consumers, to be aware of available measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Prof. Abolnik was quoted as saying, “Poultry meat and eggs available commercially in supermarkets are completely safe and have not come from H5N8 infected flock”. Prof. Abolnik however further added that the public should remain vigilant and urged people to report sick or dead birds, including poultry and wild birds, to local veterinarians.


UP LLB student shines at IPF World University Powerlifting Cup

The second IPF World University Powerlifting Cup was held in Potchefstroom from 10 to 15 July. Over 90 powerlifters from 28 universities across 13 countries participated in the Cup. Marcel Vorster, a BCom Law graduate and third year LLB student from UP, was awarded three gold medals during the competition. Vorster, who is in the 66 kg division, was announced the overall winner of the division, having broken five South African records in the process.

Developed by industrial psychologist Professor Deon Meiring, in partnership with researchers from many other institutions including UP, the personality test was developed by using data from over 55 000 data points the test. It will allow companies to gain a more accurate evaluation of the personality attributes of their employees using a method designed for South Africans which caters to all local language groups.


Compiled by Marko Svicevic and Savannah Plaskitt

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