Much like the swallow, the Tuks student faces the strenuous task of migrating away from the comfort of cooked meals and fast Wi-Fi to turbulent library sessions and lurking deadlines. In the animal kingdom, food is the main source of sustenance; however, in the ClickUp kingdom, it is coffee.

Across Hatfield, sometimes hidden around corners, but more often than not in plain sight, one can find various caffeine oases to help students through their late-night study sessions. However, no two oases are alike. For the student with unreliable Wi-Fi and a study group ranging between Latte drinkers, Flat White lovers, and Americano admirers, Seattle Coffee Company (Loftus Park Shopping Mall) is the oasis of choice. With fast and friendly service, comfortable chairs, reliable Wi-Fi, and ample charging ports, students can spend hours comfortably refreshing ClickUp and sipping a well- priced Mochaccino.

For the student looking to simultaneously flirt and learn on a study date, Spout Café reigns champion. With their friendly service, well-priced menu, and a location that allows for people- watching and cool summer breezes, students will find themselves grateful for the lack of Wi-Fi which allows them to move closer to their study partner as they share both a textbook and maybe even a coffee.

For the student wishing to live out their main character dream in a local coffee shop, pretending to finish their tutorial work next to a vintage bookshelf surrounded by relatable staff and cozy music, Julie Bean is top on the list. Although the coffee could be considered slightly overpriced and underwhelming, the large tables and inclusive snack choices make it a lovely destination for a group study session with friends who do not mind if the coffee arrives too hot and the milk lacks froth.

As students, old and new, bond over the frustrations of registration, searching for second-hand textbooks, and getting the courage to introduce themselves to new faces, know that there is the perfect coffee to make these tasks more bearable.


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