Rag partners Boekenhout and Katjiepiering (Bokatti) have stepped up to help those in need with their Save a Sole initiative. The idea is to collect old school shoes from around Pretoria and donate them to the less privileged. According to Roger Player, Boekenhout Rag HK, they “wanted to do something very different from just donating clothes. When you think of school shoes, you are always reminded of your first day at school. It is exciting to be part of that memory.”

The initiative was launched in 2010 and will run for four years. Each year will have a different objective. “This year’s objective was to create awareness of the project,” says Player. Bokatti got Springbok rugby player Pierre Spies to assist with the campaign and a video of the programme is available on YouTube ( “All of us have to give to those in need so it’s wonderful to make a difference and to help out where we can,” said Spies. “Well done to the students who came up with this.”

Even though this is the only year Boekenhout and Katjiepiering will be Rag partners, the residences have decided to continue the project together and foster a relationship between them.

Collection points for old shoes have been placed around schools in Pretoria and one has been placed in the Rag office on campus. Once collected, the shoes will then be given to SA Care to make sure they are organised and distributed properly.

Player encourages anybody who has a pair of school shoes that they are not using (seeing that you are no longer in school) to donate to the cause.

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