A man posing as an electrician allegedly stole a student’s purse on south campus on 7 March.

The man arrived at Building 4 and told students that he had been sent to solve a problem with the electricity supply.

He told the theft victim that he was sent by a lecturer to check what the problem was. He asked for money to buy the materials needed to fix the problem and then requested that the students leave the venue so that he could test the power. While the students waited outside, he stole a student’s purse from her handbag.

Linda Meyer, a senior investigating officer from the Department of Security Services, is heading the case. A case of theft has been opened with the Brooklyn Police Station. The suspect has been described as a cleanly shaven white male in his early fifties. He was wearing glasses at the time of the theft.

When asked what Security Services is doing to prevent this type of incident from occurring again, Director of Security Services Colin Fouché said that, “It is not [about] what we are doing as the department but [about] everyone following safety precautions.”

What you should know

• No contractor working for the university requires cash while working.

• All contractors get issued a contractor’s card with a job reference number and a photo and are usually in uniform.

• Should anyone witness suspicious behaviour from a contractor, they may contact the Operational Management Centre on 012 420 2310/2760 or the operational manager on 083 654 0476.

• If anyone sees or has any knowledge pertaining to the suspect please contact the Operational Management Centre.


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