How are you anticipating performing alongside such musical giants as Francois van Coke and Die Heuwels Fantasties at Liefde by die Dam this June?

We are so excited to be playing this year at Liefde by die Dam. It will be our first time performing at the beautiful Emmarentia Dam, [and] it [is] such a stunning location for this event. The lineup is fantastic. We feel like everyone has a lot to offer and together, as a full show, we fit perfectly. We have performed a few times with Heuwels and we feel like family already. We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with these exceptional artists.


What song are you most looking forward to playing live?

That’s such a hard question. [We] can’t choose. We love all our songs. We put so [much] work into each and every one of them. They each offer a message that’s close to our hearts. We will add in a few covers, but mostly we look forward to hearing our audience sing along, smile and have a great time.


How do you experience being an all-female group in South Africa’s male-dominated music scene?

We definitely have to work hard to prove our musicianship, but we get so much support from our fans and from other bands. People see us as women first and musicians second, but as long as our message of love and positivity gets out there, we don’t mind.


You’ve released two albums so far, Strong and Home. Which was the most fun to record?

Both albums are dear to us. Recording Home was a lot of fun. It’s the first album where all three of us contributed to writing and we had a great time vibing off each other in studio.


Can we expect anything new in the near future?

We have a lot of new things in the pipeline, but we [are trying] to keep it very hush-hush before any releases. All we can say is we might be crossing over into new territory very soon.


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