Due to the national lockdown aimed at curbing COVID-19 infection rates, final year Bachelor of Education students at UP had their normal student teaching practicals postponed indefinitely. During this time, they had to record themselves teaching and submit videos for assessment.

The normal procedure includes final year students being given the opportunity to teach in schools around Pretoria and having their teaching skills assessed. With the president’s announcement of the country’s move to alert level one, final year education students have been given the opportunity to have their teaching skills evaluated while teaching at schools in Pretoria. The practicals will be from 5 October to 27 November.

PDBY reached out to some students about their stance on beginning their teaching career during a pandemic. A 4th year BEd Intermediate Phase student expressed that her main goal is to finish her degree on time and she believes that – since the government has permitted all students to return to schools – nothing should stop them from doing the same. She says that her own health is in her hands and that she will make sure to wash her hands regularly, wear a face mask and use hand sanitiser. She also believes that teaching physically will be more productive and will help students like her to be more confident and familiar with the challenges teachers encounter on a daily basis.

Image: Giovanna Janos


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