You’re coming to South African shores soon. What can fans expect from your performances here?
Fun fuelled, high energy shows that are guaranteed to get you shaking your hips. Fans can expect to make at least four new friends.


You have one South African band member, will this tour have any sentimental significance to you?
South Africa is a massive inspiration for [Cavey] so performing in SA is something [he] hope[s] to keep doing for many years to come. As [Dan’s] parents lived [in South Africa] for over five years before [he] was born, [he] grew up hearing stories about South Africa and was surrounded by South African art and objects that have left [him] with a lifelong fascination and passion to return to [the country]. [Diaz] did an exchange semester at CapeTech and fell so deeply in love with South Africa that [he] had no choice but to come back for the World Cup.


What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP?
An eclectic and somewhat unexpected style mash [and] tonguein- cheek teasing of the lyrics of some of the band’s favourite modern artists, Aloe Blacc and Sam Smith [on the single “Money”].


Are there any songs on the EP that specifically stand out for the band?
We all have our own favourites but we are really excited to release “The hunt” as this has been the high energy climax of our live shows over the last year and was the starting block for our current sound.


You recently started shooting the video for one of your singles, “Money”. What was that experience like?
[Cavey and] a friend strapped GoPros to [their] chests and heads and went out giving strangers in London and Cape Town money. It felt amazing giving out money for nothing and seeing a range of “this is too good to be true” faces. Some of the reactions were priceless.


You all come from very different countries. How has this influenced your sound and songwriting style?
It can sometimes make the songwriting process a bit longer and more stressful than necessary due to communication issues. Sometimes things take longer and get bumpy in our little family but we manage to come to similar conclusions together. We all love our home countries and take loads of inspiration from them. We want to move people both literally (by dancing) and emotionally.


The Curious Incident.Photo: Viesturs Gross.

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