On Saturday 27 August, Katjiepiering hosted its Battle of the Bands competition. The event saw the head-on clash between bands that are bred in the backyards of Tuks’s male residences. The title of best band went to the band from Boekenhout,Newton’s Second Law. Other competing residences were Kiaat, Kollege, Maroela, Olienhout, Sonop and Taaibos. The winners walked away with an interview on TuksFM and the opportunity to perform at this year’s Spring Bash. However, Spring Bash was unfortunately cancelled.

The bands involved were not the only thing the Katjiepiering ladies had in store for the screaming crowd. First onto the stage were the dashing lads of the different residences in crisp white shirts and the ladies of Katjiepiering strutting their stuff. They were all competing to be the next Mr and Miss Katjiepiering, respectively. The titles went to Darren Rabec from Maroela and Chiedza Hamadziripi from Katjiepiering. Rock bands The December Streets and My Beter Halfde wowed the crowd.

There were 1 000 pre-sold tickets bought for the show and 2 500 people were present at the event. The event itself cost R54 000 and managed to return an estimated R80 000 in profit.

Some of the money raised went to Rag. The rest went back into the house’s social budget to get the party started over at Katjiepiering. “The event was intended mainly to raise funds but we also just wanted the boys’ talent to be witnessed and to establish Katjiepiering as a social force to be recognised,” said Paige Albyn, the organiser of the event. “[The event] was actually helpful because there were some scouts present that night and some of them were quite impressed.” The show was successful beyond expectations and the party youth of Tuks has the old HK of Katjiepiering’s social committee to thank for that.

Photos: Chané Mackay

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