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Features Journalist aspiring to obtain an international accounting accreditation. While slowly growing a personal blog detailing the journey of discovering oneself through the exploration of different ideas and topics. With hopes of traveling to every continent, getting published and achieving complete self-love.
Networking as a student

Networking as a student

Professional success is a common goal amongst members of the working class. Forbes highlights the importance of the quote “no man is an island” and how it has proved to be particularly important in one’s journey to achieving professional success. This phrase...

The Student Counselling Centre’s new SCU-B

The Student Counselling Unit (SCU) at the UP is focussed on providing students with adequate support to ensure that they are better equipped to approach their studies, and to make the correct career choices. Services offered by the SCU include cognitive training,...

Mental care is also self-care

Mental care is also self-care

Life is known for throwing curveballs into the mix at our most settled and unsuspecting moments. Each person has their own unique method for tackling these unexpected scenarios. Finding what works for you is important. Life is known for throwing curveballs into the...

PDBWhy: Instagram as your personal dating CV

Most people are not able to start a serious relationship with someone else without first completing a social media deep-dive on that person. From looking through all their posts on Instagram, to reading through the comments, an online profile is usually the first...

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