A 20 year old student fell from a third storey window of the University of Pretoria’s Xayata residence early on Sunday morning.

Paramedics arrived on scene at 04:30 and found the student lying on the floor. Jeffrey Wicks, Netcare 911 spokesperson, told News 24 that, “She [the student] suffered abrasions as a result. She is lucky to have survived considering the height of the building.”

Colin Fouché, UP’s Director of Security Services, told Perdeby “there was no sign of foul play.” Fouché explained that the exact cause of the fall was unknown, but that it was clear that she was not forced out of the window. He added that the student received immediate medical attention and is likely to be discharged on Sunday afternoon.

Asterhof House Father, Christiaan Bezuidenhout, sent Asterhof residents a letter that said, “One of our Sterretjies fell from a bathroom window at Xayata on Sunday. She sustained head injuries but [is] stable.”

Nicolize Mulder, UP media liaison spokesperson, said, “I can confirm that a first year [female resident] student fell from the third floor of a male residence this morning. The student was not injured too seriously.” Mulder said that the students of this residence were not allowed to leave their residence during the weekend. She said that, “The university is investigating the incident and steps will be taken if necessary.”

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